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But still, I found it amusing. Voice acting was rather good too. Overall, it's good for a laugh, keep up the good work!

Pretty entertaining

I found this pretty entertaining, you have a good sense of humor. I think that the rather simple graphics could make some people close the flash and vote negative, but I personally did not find the graphics that bad. I only wish you had put just a little bit more in the "weapons" chapter. I kinda wished to see what you had to say about explosives :) Overall, good humor, I enjoyed it.

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Exevel responds:

Thanks man, glad you liked it =). I'm still learning to animate and I got lazy with this one, there could have been a lot more in there if I'd wanted to continue, but I have no will to, I want to start some serious animating and get myself better, once again thanks for the review and I'm glad you enjoyed it =).


I enjoyed this very much. You've done a great job with the voice acting. Keep up the good work!

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You've got something going

I'm always happy to see people working ot platformer games, simply because I love these games and they can be an endless source of fun.
First of all, I reached the goal in stage 1, but nothing happened. Is this right?
Next, I did not understand what the sword is for. I think you should include a description in your main menu and explain these things.
Visually, there are a lot of simple ways you can improve the game, even if you are not an artist. For the game menu, simply add more color to it. Make the buttons colorful and so on. There are a lot of good books for ActionScript out there, which teach you to draw using code only.
I think that the stickman himself could be a little smaller, because I feel that at the moment he is too big for the size of the game screen, which is not necessary. The music was good and it suited a game like this.
Overall, you should improve on the graphic part of the game. Keep up the good work and you can accomplish a lot!

Fun overall

I like your game, the idea of slowing time down to beat something has been out there for a long time, but it still appears interesting here. There are only two minor things that could be improved: the game menu seems a bit dark and needs more detail, and the space ship which is commanded by the player could have been animated to seem realistic. Of course, these things don't ruing the game at all, I just think they could be improved, but thats my opinion. Keep up the good work!

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A fun experience

This was fun and definitely worth the time. I enjoyed the graphics and the sense of humor. The one thing that bugged me was that the items menu looked a bit unfinished, next to the smooth and colorful graphics of the game. But I guess that isn't of first importance. Great game!

robotJAM responds:

Thanks very much for the comments, yes I did rush those a bit.

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