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But still, I found it amusing. Voice acting was rather good too. Overall, it's good for a laugh, keep up the good work!

Pretty entertaining

I found this pretty entertaining, you have a good sense of humor. I think that the rather simple graphics could make some people close the flash and vote negative, but I personally did not find the graphics that bad. I only wish you had put just a little bit more in the "weapons" chapter. I kinda wished to see what you had to say about explosives :) Overall, good humor, I enjoyed it.

Exevel responds:

Thanks man, glad you liked it =). I'm still learning to animate and I got lazy with this one, there could have been a lot more in there if I'd wanted to continue, but I have no will to, I want to start some serious animating and get myself better, once again thanks for the review and I'm glad you enjoyed it =).


I enjoyed this very much. You've done a great job with the voice acting. Keep up the good work!


I like the fact that you are making skate videos - I feel that they have not been done that much as, let's say, free runs. You have some nice ideas about the terrain and the obstacles, but I think you should try take it to the extreme and make your guy skate in/over buildings, cars and stuff like that. The music was well chosen and it suited a skating video. Try adding some sounds that you may hear from a skater - from example, sounds when you grind or when your board hits the ground - it will make things more dynamic. You should focus on improving your animation skill. I don't mind the skater being a stickman, but I think you should animate his limbs, make him look a bit more realistic. There are plenty of tutorials for such things our there, so if you take your time, I believe you will continue improving yourself. Good luck!


That was great! Simply fun! I loved the came-o of that rabbit from "Walk in the woods". Brilliant, keep up the good work!

Cartoony :P

The way you drew the worms is perfect. I like to see people using shadows and highlights on their characters to give them that nice cartoony look. I would suggest that you work a bit on your animating skills. Make your projects with at least 20 frames per second. Use motion tweens, onion skinning etc. It will be rewarding. The sound was okay, maybe you could try putting some background music, although I'm not sure how that will end up. Last, but not least - I liked the plot about the fake mine, I felt it was a bit too short. You could use your skills to provide your flashes with some more action, I would love to see another animation from you, especially if it includes worms using the baseball bat :D Keep up the good work!


It's good but next time make the text a bit more readable, certain words were hard to read.

MagmaRagE responds:

thnx will do


I liked it very much and there wasn't anything that really made a bad impression.. graphics, sound, plot - it's all good! The file size is also great, considering the quality of the animation. I felt that the character design was great, I only suggest that you draw a little more detail, especially on the muscular, bulky character, but that's up to you, they look good they way they are. Keep up the good work!

Not bad for a first animation

It wasn't bad because there was one giant scene and you designed it pretty nice. When drawing stick figure movies, try to make the background more colorful and rich - that way, you will still have stick figures (which are fairly easy to animate) and a nice background that in your case you only need to draw once and then you are off to animate the stick figure. The animation was pretty nice, you just need some more experience to reach pro levels. I don't know what frame rate you used for this animation, I would say it's the default 12 frames per second. Try setting the frame rate to 20 frames per second or even more - you will have to draw more frames, but it would be worth it because you will get a clean, smooth animation. The sound was okay too. Overall, you have a good idea and so far you've come up with a nice way to make it real. Just keep improving youself and I'm sure you will make better and better animations. Good luck!

worstknightmare responds:

thanks for the advice, the next one will hopefully be a bit smoother and have a better quality than this one, i'm thinking about making a whole series and linking all the runs together in one flash

Cool and random :D

I enjoyed this movie, it was quite random... just two guys in the middle of nowhere looking at some timer... The end was unpredictable, I liked that too. The graphics were great, I really, really loved the way you drew the backgrounds. The voice acting was good, so was the background music. I felt that it was a bit short, I would to see another, maybe longer submission from you. Overall, great job!

Frax responds:

Longer submissions comming soon.

Thanks for the review !

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